White tears

I’m a lurker on r/antiwork and every day these kinds of threads keep popping up, where white Westerners complain/whine about how “HARD” life has become. How they opine for the past, the days of yore! What they fail to realize is that their rich, privileged lives and middle class comforts were built at the expense of blacks. For instance the GI Bill of 1944 set white war veterans on a path towards generational success by paying for their college tuition, mortgages and more. Black veterans who fought alongside their white peers in WW2 were denied these benefits due to racism.

So now that the playing field is being leveled, the whites who were hanging on by the thin of their skin (pun intended) realize they cannot cruise by on skin color alone. There aren’t any black chattel left who can carry them on their backs. That society is now a meritocracy, even if not entirely perfect….What they say is true: “It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked.”

It’s amusing to see whites live like negroes. Working hard negro jobs for negro wages and negro livelihoods. Comeuppance is real.


Sasa Wewe Mse wa Trump una support Blacks Leo? Whites may live like Blacks but it’s typically by choice. Learn about white priviledge and opportunities never afforded to Blacks.

[SIZE=7]It’s hard being black. You ever been black? I was black once – when I was poor.”[/SIZE]
Larry Holmes