White Bonobos Kill Poor Freya

Sweep clean

Ahahaha nope. When I came back to this village. I was in the middle of playing God of War (2018). Freya was my favorite character, after Kratos.

Ahaah!!!;,si we can be a couple? ,we can compliment each other

I respect you for branding that big man jimti. You are right.

Why , Oh Why …
Is my good name and reputation always being dragged down into mud by careless Juvenile banter … ??? :mad:

Hehe, I only twisted Jimit round to jimti for the fun of it. The meaning one derives from that depends on personal interest.

What do you derive from it?

Something about an imbecile that accuses others of being juveniles yet depicts the hallmarks of retardedness by constantly posting unsolicited pics of ugly obese deformed bitches at any slight opportunity. Rexxumbwa I will kick you so hard in your ass that my feet will hurt

Nothing, just laughter

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Following closely…