whit man's religion

I have never doubted religion and I don’t want to argue about religion but they are many questions that religion doesn’t answer. Lets leave that.

Is it correct to say that Christianity is a white man’s religion since according to History the white man came to Africa to colonise and spread Christianity meaning its a a white man’s religion.

It is incorrect to say that. However, Christianity was a tool used by the white man as a precursor to colonialism in Africa, South America and the East.

I concur brother, you’re on point kabisa

On that note… Indians, were they not colonized or they maintained that kind of worshipping; their gods and cows all through??

Ps:I ain’t good in history

Britain didn’t really colonize India per se, they just managed it. Even Indias current government doesn’t really run the country the way a government would, it manages elements of India. Nitakupostia article flani baadaye.
Religion walimantain.

Christianity is not a white man’s religion as it was spread into Europe via the Roman Empire to unite the Empire.

And according to you, Romans were black?

They adopted Christianity from The middle East which was a mixed race region.

Actually Christianity is a white man’s religion. After Jesus Christ allegedly ‘died’ and ‘resurrected’ Peter and Paul were persecuted and eventually killed in Rome.

The real birth of Christianity was overseen by Emperor Constantine when he accepted and organized it into use by the Roman Empire. It may follow Jesus teachings, but the organization and administration are core European philosophy. They have Jesus as a blonde, blue-eyed white man. They abandoned the Old Testament teachings and adopted the New Testament teachings. They also removed some of the old books found in Catholic bibles. They also abandoned the Hebrew language and adopted Greek and Latin, heck even the Pope uses Latin in all his sermons. The apostles names and Saints are all European.

True Middle Eastern religions are Judaism and Islam. Judaism still retains most of the Old Testament teachings, like not eating certain sea foods, circumcision of children at 7 days old.

The funny thing is that all these 3 religions borrowed heavily from ancient Egyptian religion.