While We Struggle To Launch 15,000 Housing Units, China Has Real Estate Crisis That Led To Dozens Of NEW GHOST Cities

China’s record number of vacant houses and urban projects, sitting at over 50 million units and growing, are an increasingly worrying domestic challenge. Known as “ghost cities,” these developments have created a housing bubble representative of decades of Chinese progress — but also turmoil.

The phrase “ghost city” might imply a city once full of life and now abandoned. But China’s ghost cities are brand new, and their high-rises never populated. Many had remained that way for years, byproducts of rapid economic growth that continue to plague the nation’s urban planning strategy.

Top 5 such cities, some are bigger than Nakuru

List of cities
[li]Pudong - one of the first ghost cities, now a prominent global financial district of Shanghai.[/li][li]Chenggong District - the chief zone for the expansion of the city of Kunming. …[/li][li]Ordos City, Kangbashi New Area - described in 2009 by news media as a ‘ghost city’. …[/li][li]Nanhui New City.[/li][li]Yujiapu Financial District.[/li][/ul]


Unfinished developments abound in the Chinese ghost city of Kangbashi.


Inhabitants of Tianducheng playing basketball in front of an Eiffel Tower replica.

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