While Patco is out there praising white men, 8 Africans win legislative seats

Eight Nigerian-American politicians have emerged winners in their respective elective posts in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and the District of Columbia (DC) in the ongoing US midterm elections.
They are Segun Adeyina, Gabe Okoye, Solomon Adesanya, Tish Naghise, Phil Olaleye, Carol Kazeem, Oye Owolewa and Esther Agbaje who won legislative seats as State Representatives in their respective Districts on Tuesday.

Nigerians are even more successful as a group than whites in us. Tafakari hayo

Kale kaworiah kaliendaga wapi by ze way?


Those are the 1% -high IQ -who immigrate to the west, and being the cream of the crop, they are bound to outperform the average Caucasian ama bonobo kama @Aka mpole .
The other 99% who are low IQ bonobos stay at home or immigrate to African and Asian countries to deal in drugs and online scams

Somalis have a higher number of state legislators (They are known as MCAs in Kenya) than Nigerians. Nevertheless hao 1% are doing quite well and usurping Black Americans benefits hadi African Americans walianza kuteta.

good for them.i hope they learn something and transform somalia,learn to live with others.

A lot of African Americans wamekataa kusoma only to complain when Oga comes and takes advantage ya system to improve themselves.

Manze, hadi mzungu akawapea HBCU (basically 100% black Universities) but wanataka kurap, shooting na kutombana