While Africans Struggle To Get Covid Vaccine, The West Is Begging Their Citizens To Accept The Vaccine, Some Nations Even Paying People

Its is always the opposite. Hapa Sh!th0le Kenya people bribe corrupt officials so as to get selected too join the Police force or the army while over there the gov pays you handsomely just to enlist in the army.

Antivaxers are opposed to the vaccines and governements have to come up with enticing ways to get thei populations vaccinated, hapa Kenya corrupt mazafakas are taking bribes to have people jump the queue. People are actually being injected with just distilled water disguised as vaccine.

Its all supply and demand. Imagine you were a politician who meets a thousands of people a year. You are also over 50 years. You really need that vaccine to do what you do. Vaccines are also in low supply and corruption is rampant. The same applies to the army. With Kenya withdrawing from Zoomalia soon, if you join the army you will basically be paid to do exercise and wear uniforms in the barracks. Since unemployment is rampant its a good deal. In developed countries its the opposite. There are a lot of good jobs and joining the army means being deployed in serious conflicts like Iraq and Niger.

[SIZE=7]While Africans Scrabble To Get Covid Vaccinei [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Kwani unakimbizwa na nani bana?[/SIZE]

Hiyo ni Sapere for chanjo :smiley:

It appears this thing was about making $$$£££€€€kshs…

And WHO WARNS against mixing of vaccines, because there is no data/evidence on safety/effectiveness.