Which was your most difficult year?

Came from reading this thread, all those life changing stories really got to me. Pole to all those in the comments who lost their loved ones, businesses, money etc My most difficult year has to be 2015.

I had graduated in July of 2014, majority of my college mates had jobs while I myself was still struggling staying at home, ilikuwa imefika point tulikuwa tumezoeana na buda hadi ikafika point tunaeza fight and that’s when I decided to leave home. I went to live with my GF who already was working and she had rented a house in Mlango kubwa. I used some of my savings and with my mums I started CPA classes ndo ii complement my finance degree course. Nilidunda hizo exam za sec 2 hadi sijawahi endelea hadi leo hii.

       I was lucky in April 2015 i landed a 6 month internship that was paying 6k pm. It was ok with me and since my GF was earning more than I, it was enough for both of us. Around june my GF broke the news that she was pregnant and she was in an informal sector where there was no maternity leaves or service paid so I was pretty sure once  she won't be able to go to work she'd be fired and we'd all depend on her savings and my 6k. 

      I really worked my ass off for this company so that they could "absorb me" but all I got was a 2 months extension. And as of 1st October 2015, my GF and I were out of jobs. Her family had advised against the relationship so we had kept it a secret for so long but my GF couldn't bear all the uncertainties ahead and she broke news to her mum. Her mum contacted me and asked me if I was ready for the road and responsibilities ahead, my answer was yes since GF was my ride and die since high school and promised I will look for a job and I will tell my parents of the happenings in due time.

By mid month our savings had dwindled and I knew for sure my 6k salo was not enough to cater for a paged GF and 4500/- house rent. God was on my side. In my job searching hustle I stumbled upon an internship that was paying 15k and at the start November I signed my contract and by mid month November we were blessed with a bouncing baby boy. That morning is when I broke news to my mom who passed it to my old man that they were grand parents for the 1st time. It was a rude shock i remember my mum hanging up on me and only called after 2hrs asking for directions to the hospital where my GF was.

I rose through the ranks and still striving in the same company, we moved from the single house in mlangoo to those 1B flats in Ruaka. I thank God for the journey and for the strength. My wife and son whom I named after my old man (whom he is really proud of - I have never seen my dad kiss anyone but every time we head to shagz a kiss on the forehead is a must) are my source of blessings.


Big up yourself

All the very best kaka

Wow nice one there

What a turnaround!! Glad youare both okay and everything turned out well.


Pole kaka. I am sure one day you will have a good job, a lot of money, a big house and a big car. Always remember where you came from. Never look down on people. Another thing about your dad, probably he did the best for you. Learning how to fly is never easy for any bird.

Mke na mtoto huja na barka kutoka Mwenyeezi Mungu, work hard, sahau mahawara uone Mlango ya rizki ikikufungukia.

Good man.


mine was 2017 hio mwaka sitawai sahau ever …but things started working out from the 19th of dec

Tupe hekaya

i wish i could but iko na too much info might blow my cover

My worst year: 1999.

My next-to-worse years:
2002-2003 & 2017.

My bad years:
2004-2005 & 2010-2011.

*All years inclusive.

You wouldn’t be surprised why my handle is “VictorTheLoser” if you heard my life stories during listed periods. Unfortunately you won’t.

Its good to share, you might encourage a talker here

Tuesday hekaya

It looks like mine time in 2008 to 2010 however in my case my dad was very supportive…