Which university is better in bachelor in electrical and electronics engineering TCHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MOMBASA or MOI UNIVERSITY

does the university one chooses to study in really matters.

whatever you do avoid Moi University

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why is that

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I don’t think there is a difference except for the cut off points needed for joining.
For Moi uni, you will probably need a clean A, with As in cluster subjects, for TUM an A- will do.

But both universities have had their courses accredited by EBK, which is the most important thing here.

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What’s wrong with Moi university?

Meno nje administrators have messed up the institution.

Some courses ni kujituma regardless the school. After school unajituma kulearn the job. After 10 years unakua consultant. Unanukisha kitunguu Hadi unakua birrionaire


I would recommend Dedan Kimathi University of Technology any day-any time.


Dekut is a good one.