Which talkers do you absolutely HATE?

Hate is a strong word. Tuseme tu I have little to no respect for the following 3 kangaroos;

  1. @Jimit - Always active on KenyaTalk, meaning no life outside the forum. Doesn’t post anything informative, thrilling or humorous. Mediocre vocabulary. So foolish he managed to expose his real identity in an anonymous forum smh.

  2. @Sidindi Bey - Good sense of humor, brilliant understanding of geopolitics and history, but incredibly tribal. Also has an unhealthy obsession with foreskins. Has posted photos of feces and nude men very many times.

  3. @Kodiaga - So illiterate, he named himself after a dingy prison. Zero social skills. Zero sense of humor. Zero meaningful contributions to the forum. Unable to find true love, he hides behind ‘AMG MGTOW’.

Tauren na finest wine

@cortedivoire - he’s a real degenerate, the lowest form a human

Meffi wewe

@PHARMACY na @digi takataka ya manispaa iblisi umeffi jinga ghaseer

Kuna msee flani hapa mwenye avatar yake hunikumbusha mtoi flani tukutu alikomaa kisha akaanza kuhangaisha watu mtaani na wizi wa kimabavu, jina lake “kauzi”. Dude caused a serious ruckus in the hood before he was eventually put down.

Sasa shida ingine is that huyo talker all he does here ni kuhara mharo, causing a lot of disquiet & disgust in these streets, its like sort of a reincarnation of the spirit of that horrible horrible person.

Anyway I just keep a wide berth.

Speaking of avatars mariah carey was lookin so fiiiiiiiiiine last night on jimmy fallon despite being 50+.

Long live the mythical wall.

Patco kwani wapi purple siku hizi kwani deal ya Jamaica iliumana

:D:D:D:D:D atleast you are tagging me like a man . Si mambo ya kuambiwa na jeshi langu eti 150 amekutag.

She’s still here except nowadays she LARPs as a blue handle and has gone full out tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist/doomsday prepper

Nimeblock digi, chifu mbitika na chief guest. Nothing constructive wako nayo


:D:D:D:D Umekaa tu ivi, hujawai post for over 2 months alafu unaskia Kuna mtu anakuchukia na Roho yake yote, anadai vile content Yako ni ya ufala. Tutapumzika mbinguni.

short-wire @Ndindu

yaani unajipigia makofi

@Mwaniks789 ni mboro hijakatwa imekaa mashoko

@Himmler If I had a chance, I would throw him in a gas chamber, then when he is about to suffocate, dip him in a large basin full of nitric acid. But before the acid penetrates deep into his skin, take him to a crematorium and cremate him alive. Then take his ashes, mix with rotten food and feed them to street dogs.

homosexual @Douchebag ni mtoto wa malaya umbwaaaa . takataka ya mtu .


Niaje mr Uhuru is a Chess master :D:D:D

@Brayo44ki. I hate this faggot with a passion. I unblock him every two days just so I can block him again. Shenzi sana. @ChifuMbitika is aother very useless talker. @Nameberry1 is a retarded spinster that I also despise. I hate @Benn Dover and his fake tales. @Chiefguest is a smelly impotent moron. @Sambamba is an idiot.