Which talker is this?


Kwani Kiamba loss ilicause permanent insanity

Particle or Uwesmakende

The comment sections of kenyan media… social media pages is full of the most vile ppl one could ever encounter.

:D:D must be @Pomegranates and/or @WIGSPLITTA .

Matusi should be reserved for deserving causes, otherwise they lose their sting

Must be that fool @Buttco McKunyi. Hio language apana kwa social forums banae

clearly huyo ni @WIGSPLITTA aka @patco aka @T.Vercetti aka @Douchebag .

watu wamemblock kama wote ktalk so amechoka kujiongelesha anatafuta any person

Its because they are mainly bitter and jobless youths with little hope. Even u the day you will lose your govt construction tenders you will be violent like satan! Insulting even the cat and your innocent gate man. You r happyy now because you r set, and comfortable. U can’t relate with them

I have never understood abuse …i used to partake in it but some people actually learn something in life…if u want to blow off some steam nunua punching bag ama tafuta a hobby that suits u.

Most of these youths, especially the Kikuyu (Kiambu) just want handouts not jobs…
So that they can go engage in their favourite pastime of imbibing anything with alcohol in it.
Otherwise if it was funds to start business, they have sold their ancestral lands and drunk everything to the last cent…
Instead of starting income generating activities.

govt construction tenders

Izo sifanyangi… I don’t the time to beg for my money for works done.
Kindly, indulge how doesn’t insulting strangers on the Internet change the fate of those bitter jobless youths. A bad attitude begets a bad attitude.

Someone with a foul mouth like this has some intellectual dwarfism that he/she attributes to everybody else other than himself. I despice such mfs

True story. One time I tried to convince a couple of my friends pale Muchatha walete documents tuchore mawaks Dubai wakakataa. They were like uko kwa mwArabu ni slavery tupu na hatutapepea kama uku. Two guys gave it a shot and the outcome is out there for the rest to see, no more of those opportunities now. Sai tukipatana mambo ni mzito siuniachie njui ya fegi
NB: Apo kwa ukabila nmeng’oa, mayout wako same kila mahali, hawataki kuchoka. Kazi ni complaint upon complaints

Wekesa hapo represending

iyo ya kulamba kunyi tunajua ni nani, he likes using that line

When Nation and Standard had a comment section kwa gazeti zao online, mangumi za kahasho zilikuwa zinatembeanga mpaka wakaamua kutoa hio section. Star ni kama wamekatalia juu ya clicks za watu hukujia comments

@Buttco Mckunyi kuja upess,unamaliswo kisiasa

Friendly banter kwa comments ni sawa, butt ikifika place ya matusi mzito kama hizo inafaa moderation. Labda tutume @Waturendio ama @Monoballer Ma Bs wanyoroshe hizo khasia

Methinks the editors let it slide for the clicks. Same way we have @patco ,@digi ,@Micymas et al wakiharahara hapa without moderators intervening.