Which physical characteristic do girls find most attractive in a guy?

Assuming a guy could only have 1 Chad feature and the other 2 were just average. Or do you need a combination of all 3 to be considered a true Chad?

Money is a physical characteristic.

This is the only physical characteristic they consider.
Hio ingine ni upuss.

Only if your shooting all your shots with desperados from Eastlando

Kweli kabisa. Most girls from a rich background are attracted to boys with rugged frames, cutish faces, swag and attitude. And sometimes clout.

Wacha uchokozi:D:D

Truth be told, unafikiri dame atapeleka omosh ama karis wa nduthi pale concours ju anajua kumtoa kutu? Madame wanataka mtu refined,easy on the eye and general outlook,features are just addons(ofcourse not skinny or obese),who can order bourbon glazed donut without second guessing or how and when to wear oxfords or brogues shoes, a plus if you can sing the kenya national anthem in french,call it whatever but the concour guy beats all of them even when he’s faking or came riding on a chainsaw from ndumberi:D


But do I say :smiley:

kama ni madem wa kanairo inadepend where’s she’s from na age of course, all 3 are important

Watajua aje omera is in the purlieus:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D that ndumberi village is where some of us got our first puddesh mzae , the ka neigbours girl hapo, tulikua tuna kojolea bottle tops , nayeye.

:D:D Kudate ki-vanilla ni stress

Eiiiish!!! Ulikua kuma connoiseur mapema sana aiseh!!!

Machali sisi ndo tunakubali kuwekewa hizo hoops tuziruke

In my experience, face is the most important. I’ve seen short guys with handsome faces get women going crazy, but I’ve seen tall guys with ugly faces who are in severe dry spells. With the body, if you’re willing to go to extremes like taking steroids and putting tattoos, you can find some women who are into that. But just a plain natural body won’t do much for a guy, ata uende gym aje

PS: wachana na hawa wa kujiconsole na pesa, looks matter the most for attraction in both sexes :smiley:

Confidence na pesa ndio kila kitu kwa ii maisha. Iwe ni wanawake ama ni biashara ama kanisa, ata siasa.

Money is the only thing for women. Atwoli married a TV girl coz of money. There many examples allover the world

I thought this query was directed to pink handles…

This forum is 99% men. Good luck trying to get the right answer from the wrong demographic. Only women can give you the correct answer you are looking for.

That being said, I will take a guess. It depends on the age of the woman. Women get more financially pragmatic and materialistic as they grow older. That’s why it is smarter to approach younger women especially if you know looks ulibarikiwa.

I’d say for those between 18-23, looks matter the most (I don’t know the exact features). 24+, finances start to creep in and hold more weight. A 20 year old doesn’t care whether her boyfriend lives in his grandmother’s basement. She is attracted to him for who he is not what he has. This is obvious because p*ssy was still abundant when you were 20 yet you had nothing to your name. A 25 year old is a whole different story. She has been around the block a few times and now has a list of “non-negotiables” e.g the guy must be driving, have a specific income range, and his own digz.

Yes, all five of them