Which photo printer should I buy? Techies saidieni

I am shopping for a home photo printer that can print quality photos from my phone. Techies please recommend one.

Epson L805 would come in handy, kama ni ya photos.

Which phone

Saidia hapa kidogo chief ,niko na HP officejet 4500,nikinunua photo printer paper,katakubali ? Naogopa kununua then ikue kazi ya kanisa. Still on the topic,can any inkjet printer print photo?

Any phone these days can send or connect to a printer¯_(ツ)_/¯

epson l850 is the best

niko na hp 7720 na epson l3110, hp is better and a3 but ink ni expensive, epson ni work horse na ink ni cheap

Vile @propesa amesema Epson L805 is the ideal printer for photo printing this is because it has six colours compared to the rest that comes with 4 colors only .It ranges btwn ksh 43000 to 50000 .

Edit your messsage bana. Ni 50

Inkjet printers can print photos. The only problem with HP printers ni catridges are expensive ku maintain. Epson printers ink can go as low as 120 bob per bottle.

Yea should be Epson L850

Most epson printers come with an eco tank that uses 6 colors (black, magenta, light magenta, cyan, light cyan and yellow) older models had to use improvisations but the latest ones come with their tanks attached to the bodies na locks za kubeba ready to avoid having to align again ukimove printer

I don’t agree most are four colors I have done proper research and even bought Epson L4160 it’s four color even 5160 which came afterwards .Kindly name those that you know that comes with 6 color to justify your statement , also note he had asked for recommendations on the one that has better photo printing capabilities .