Which phone to get?

Budget up to 25k.
Saidieni yawa!

oppo f5 is a nice phone u can try it

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Ongeza ka kitu uchukue mate 10 lite …fyam sana

Nice phones yes but looking for something that would appeal to a lady. 6" screen is overkill.

6" with the modern 18:9 aspect ratio is almost the same size as a normal 5’5 phone with 16:9

Xiaomi redmi note 5
Au Xiaomi mi a1

Nokia 8

Avoid Chinese phones. They come with multiple root backdoors for data mining.

What would they do with data from a poor African struggling to feed themselves?
I saw during the Senate hearings Zuckerbag has taped over the camera and microphone on his laptop.
Now that’s understandable for a man of his stature.

hehehe… they would sell him betting props ati so as to become rich. Ata shabiki wanataka tu mbao ushinde JP yao

slides like an iPhone

Mathaais, you have a lot of stuff people are interested in, my friend. Besides, your privacy is worth something to you if not to others. Inviting a stranger into your house (and into your bedroom for that matter) is what you are doing when you carry a phone that takes videos and photos without your permission and without your knowledge and uploads them to servers in China.

htc ruined my trust in phones with a non removable battery shida tupu ikichapa

Kama ni mrembo tafutia yeye jina kubwa kama HTC Desire 10 pro

Ongeza pesa uingie league ya iOS kama wale wanaume wengine.

But to what ends? What is the use of naked pics of africans to the chinese. Will such data make them more of a super power? Please make me understand…

People overate their importance, whether they hack a phone or not most of the data thus collected is useless data.

I have always wondered about hii issue ya data. Kwanza ati uko third world country na wee ni msee ordinary na uko na uoga venye your data sijui itatumika kufanya nini. The most incriminating thing kwa most guys ni porn zimejaa kwa simu na laptops so watu warelax. You are not that important to NSA or Chinese servers.

The reason why the British were studying the common habits of “natives” was to facilitate psychological profiling to “win hearts and minds”. Today in Kenya you go to the hotel to buy your white friend a cup of tea, and the mzungu will be served, you will be ignored, and the mzungu will be given the bill to pay. Wazungu wanataka kukuuliza maswali meeengi, how you met your wife, where you sleep, when you sleep, how you sleep etc and you will think this is useless information.

You miss the point by a mile. You are yet to explain to me how my data is important to china ama hyo namba ya mama mboga nimesave kwa simu itawasaidia kutake over the world.