Which one is dumber;The white man or this guy

This guy wins because the white man was too smart to be this dumb.

What is this fool saying? I don’t get him at all?

These are the sort of issues that worry the African brain immensely. Instead of trying to figure out a way to get to Mars and colonise and carve out a piece of the Martian cake before the white man takes all if it, the African spends many hours trying to find out if he was one type of bonobo or a mixed type of chimpanzee.

The pot calling the kettle black,this isn’t a trump thread just stupidity.

Uncle ruckus anataka tuende mars,na bibiyai hatujamaliza:D:D:D

Waluhya mnakuwaga very petty and emotional bonobos.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

I don’t too

The pot calling the windows black.

Waluhya should concentrate on raising women for us to relieve stress waachane na politics.