Which Musician Is Loved by the Masses Yet You Don't?

Personally, I have never loved Lucky Dube. I know some of his songs like “just the way,” “can’t stop reggae,” and “remember me.” Shida ni despite being a great lover of the reggae genre, I have never loved his music. And I don’t have a reason for this.

Wewe ni musician gani hajawahi kukubamba yet most people like their music?

Dj Fatxo

BTW I used to see his video[SIZE=1] (the other singer plays an instrument sijui ndio huitwa the organ)[/SIZE] which used to be played a lot in clubs, but I never got interested to know who he was. Nilimjua proper after the boy’s death.


willy paul

  1. Diamond
  2. Otile brown
  3. Jay z / beyonce
  4. Eminem
  5. Ed sheeran

Usirudie kuweka The Rapgod kwa group moja na hizi burukenge.

Inaitwa accordion.



[SIZE=7]and all those songs are masterpieces [/SIZE]

Taylor swift

Fela Kuti.

Any musician after AD2000,kelele mingi na nonesense rapping

Mumble rappers

Stuck in the 90s I see. It’s a generational thing.

I don’t find anything local interesting :smiley:

jay z

Mimi ni Jay Z. He is a good business man but not that a good rapper. Prime Wayne washes him every single day and that’s not even up for debate.

Maiko Jackson.