Which land are they talking about in Kericho?

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We will announce the dates to take back our Kipsigis Land.


Kalejingaz have started…

Kalenjins have a right to take back those lands stolen by the Europeans. They are paying almost nothing as land rates. Fuck Europeans and fuck Kenyatta who was trying to play a backdoor game as well.

It is better to have several Kalenjin billionaires owning and managing those lands than billions of dollars in profits going to Jews and Brits of Europe.

Those arguing that Africans cannot manage those expansive tea farms watuambie mbona Kaisugu, Mbogo etc. owned and managed by Kalenjins are doing just fine, if not even better than Finlays and others.

Is this where WSR intended to acquire 1,000 acres to expand Kericho County?

It is better to be owned by Ruto than European blood suckers.

Okay… and correction I meant 1000 acres not 100

Transferring from one blood sucker to another of protruding teeth does not make it better.

Ruto should implement Ndung’u Land Report to the letter.

Hii ingine ni kelele.

Better our own blood suckers. We can negotiate with them about the amount of blood they can suck from us.

I can see where you are coming from… However, it is not a very straightforward thing… those white bloodsuckers make the world go round… Ask Mugabe’s people what happened after he did what you are proposing… But I agree with you… we need to rethink some of these things…

Give him that documentary pls