Which is which



The only person you should take seriously ni chebukati. Hao wengine ni mnyambo ya punda

Look at the numbers on your tv screen and draw your own inferences! Ama upige hesabu ya form for 34’s na calculator ya simu utuambie next week ni Rao ameshinda.

Raila is a state project na nikama anaibiwa. Ruto to go to court


From 1.38 pm to 4.56 pm, kura za strong hold ya RAILA zinahesabiwa.
Around 5.42 pm, we will be at equilibrium then JSKS will lead permanently.

Dipstet is a mirage. hope people will finally accept that

Hii umetoa wapi?

mluhya hawezi kasirisha mtosi.

Please no Court cases this time out.

Whomever goes to court will lose.


Hakuna cha project hii inaitwa kucheswo…
Hata wewe kama mwizi huwezi kubali mtu righteous akuwe boss wako. Unaweka mwizi muibe pamoja hata kama ataiba mingi kukushinda

I think the media is taking its time so they can generate drama usiku
surely by now a concerted effort would have yielded credible results

I also get the same impression. If true, c’jui kwanini wa2 hukuwa so malicious. Mark you, the common man on the street doesn’t know the portal (and that what he is seeing is only media’s tallying). He think that what the TV stations are showing is direct tallying by IEBC… Now if the numbers change suddenly, what do you think the common man will think?