Which is the true religion ?

With so many religion n beliefs u tend to wonder which is the real one n which is fake ?
If today I wake up n say my God lives in tana river and come up with a crazy story e.g a strong wind blew creating a channel of dust , then water gashed through n from the mixture of sand and water man was created

Dini ya Musambwa.

The true Religion is the one left by Christ himself when he ascended to heaven.

Religion is a man made coping mechanism and it has evolved and changed during the centuries. True religion is what you personally believe.

your god is whatever you believe in… the foolish person follows the beliefs of others

Jehovah’s Witnesses have the true religion.

What was the true religion our forefathers had before Christianity was brought on a boat and Islam on a back of a camel?

Me and you have alot in common.

No true religion> Msema ukweli ni Mother Nature. The one that balances between plants/animals/and humans, and non-living.

I used to worship there man. Those guys are real bro. Man ile kitu sina bahati. No one knows a shit about it… what’s my option B?

We all know what inspired you to join them was the option of marrying 3 wives and having 14 kids

Jesus Christ the only way to Heaven.

Man created God, so religion is fiction

stop thinking in terms of religions… whoever alizilinganisha na opium hakuwa mjinga


True I stopped this church and religion thing and pray to my God…I believe in treating people right as a sign of my belief in my God

Money , money can answer alot of desires since we pray for fulfillment of our desires . Worship the highest bidder and than me later . Cc to @messiahette