Which is the most toxic food in the world?

  1. GMO soy
  2. GMO corn
    As hasslas are preparing to fill their bellies with Nabii1 unga, don’t say you were not warned.

Chicken and fish

Farmed fish,GMO wheat,aflatoxin laced grains,seed oils

Fermented mbuta soup tastes like shiet and makes one a zombie. Just have a look at @slevyn .

Wheat and cereals. Ukila ugali hio ni ecreal ya kutosha. Hio zingine ni kuharibu tumbo kila siku!

omega fatty acid 3 is brainfood… githeri goes straight to your anus and weakens and shortens your penis…

Artificial sweeteners, seed oils, non traditional wheat, all GMOs - also avoid processed foods esp from major food corporations

Experts mko juu

Go tell the Japanese that fish ain’t good for them


Watu wa scientist exemplar amerix wamefika.

Living on earth is toxic we’ll die anyways tuko safarini tu.

Kama yesu mwana wa mungu alikula broadways last supper wewe ni nani kusema ngano ni mbaya.

Minor food corporations ziko sawa?

hizi maswali apana uliza third world countries

Sorry bas mkuumbwa

We can’t eat rubbish because we are third worlders

Hakunaga kitu kama minor food corporations, zinaitwa local

Samak ya Lake Naivasha. It swims in pesticides.

They know but they consume. Pollution has made fish very toxic. Farmed fish also uses a lot of chemicals

State and back your claim up, be specific, offer insights gleaned from the research you’ve conducted, cite your sources, provide a solution on such an issue, otherwise every food out there will be mentioned here. In short, go out of your way to provide value otherwise keep your half-hearted opinions and hot-takes to yourselves.