Which is better SKyworth or TCL? And I am not asking about other brands

Kuna mtu nimesikia akisema Skyworth are more popular than TCL in China. Does it mean Skyworth TVs are better in terms of quality than TCL. Hapa kenya TCL imeanza kutambulikana sana. Shopping for a cheaper TV ya kupeleka pale shagz

All those are shitty brands. TV kama si Sony, LG ama Samsung hapana guza hata na madawa. Lakini juu umesema ni ocha, TCL will do.


amesema hataki kujua mambo ya brands zingine…

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Read my post kaka…

I answered him nikamshow TCL.

Yoi are answered.

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Tcl Iko fine. Budget friendly.

TCL kama C845 miniLED ni ‘shitty’ kivipi? ina feature zote hizo LG, Sony na Samsung kwa bei afadhali, TV best selling huko US pia, wacheni kulipia na kukwamia kwa majina.

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TCL is the biggest TV brand in the world

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I was actually surprised it was ranked 2nd globally

TCL is better.

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Achana na sijui ranking as second in the shitty world, Getting a good Skyworth from a legit seller won’t fail you. Underrated brand huku Kenya but worth it. Kenya walisifu TCL, but I noticed with time huma inapoteza clarity.

So Skyworth is better than TCL according to you. Btw, someone who stays in China told he skyworth is popular than TCL there

TV is just tv. I had a skyworth but ilivunjika kioo. I bought an Itel 32" with 1080p with HDR capability and is fine. Hakuna ujanja katika TV nowadays. What you need is good specs. I would advice you to get a tv with 4K, Dolby Vision, Atmos, and HDR10 capabilities. Currently those are the specs you need to have right now on a tv. You might buy an outdated TV in the name of looking for brand.

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There’s a very high chance that the Samsung and iPhone you get in Kenya are not of the same quality as the Samsung and iPhone that are sent to or found in North America and the EU. The same applies to your TCL and Skyworkh.


Quality brands e.g. Sony, LG are twice the price of cheap brands. They may offer longevity but are not featuristic like the cheaper brands. My advice nunua TCL or Skyworth safi pale luthuli at an affordable price and accept that you will need to raise the same amount for a replacement some few years later.
TVs nowardays are not built for longevity.

FPS gamers kama mimi hatutambui hizo brands shitty for gaming with huge internal lag but between the two pick TCL

Skyworth Qled 1.5 years bado inanipapasa roho