which good business can i open in River Road with half a million shillings- Serious businessmen

I have an vacant house in River Road , Nairobi , which business can i open with capitol of Sh 300,000 -500,000?

lodging na lanye

Divide it into stalls achia maghasia wajisumbue which businesses to set up in them.

I was about to say that we shout team up, tafuta eneo nzuri nami nilete wanawake

Riveroad is somehow divided into area ya printing, ya electronics, ya machines, ya motorbikes, ya bus booking, ya viatu etc. So it really depends on which ‘district’ your space is. Best thing is to rent it out though.

office food delivery ,online pimping unauzia wasee kuma za madem wa ghetto

Uza hutu tu viatu tumejaa tao

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Wewe ni son ya one of those Murang’a mafioso who are returning home to rest after years of being in business na kuwachia vijana wao kazi Nairobi.
Now I understand why you had gone to get the tractor from the port.Mzee anataka kulima sasa

Hizi zimejaa tao kwa ma shoe shop low price and low quality

Ha ha ha ni wazee waende wakalime


  1. uza juice/juice bar
  2. fungua genge
  3. fungua ATM ya maziwa, just term it as milk bar[ATTACH=full]264063[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]264064[/ATTACH]