Which elder wanted to wed this lady.. she belongs to the streets

Let’s save a fellow boychild . First thing first, she is on tagged, that is a brothel. I have already given her an offer and she said she will get back to me

She is showing off her buttocks for obvious reasons

You can spot her posing in a hotel room… this is a kawaida kunguru


Anakaa singo matha. Siwezimind kulipa punch

Siwezi mind kulipiwa punch

Si Malaya mbaya

Hawa Malaya wanachomea Kenya picha. Kama wameamua kuuza nyau tafasali wakuwe waficha hio bracelet ya motherland Bana. Njungu wote who joins Tinder says all Kenyans are whores.

Swafi . Siwes mind

That is why I love this place.We got brothers who are ready to help whenever it is needed.
On that note,some days back I think nilipata picha kama hii,3rd in some telegram group.

when you see a bitch posing in an expensive hotel room bed, know she had gone there for a session, just envy the nigger that took the picture and take your turn. often the next picture will be a real one of her in crammed single room with jerry cans of water and a basket, her real home.


Ilikua @Maitho Manene
Luwere brothee

Is this app craigslist or what app are you all using to find the kungurus. I would love to be checking to see some of the girls in my rotation i suspect to be kungurus.


Very observant. Pewa face masks tatu

This bitch is selling her body to men but I can only compliment that she has a beautiful face

Huyu dem ako na almost 25,000 followers Mukuru, she posts pics pale za thighs na clevage making men salivate serious. Najua anakula fare mbaya mbovu.

But ni vizuri kukubali, huyu dem amebarikiwa sector zote for a kyuk. Hiyo sura imeweza.

Ama nikuchocha kijiji…kama kawaida?

Iyo picha ya pili imetoa matter core vizuri kabisa

Exactly what your wife is doing and you will never know. So wacha boychild aoe lazima kule na grazers na meat eaters. It’s a man eat man world.

Your opinion on matters ass is now moot.Most ninjas will say the first is a smoother ass and easy to touch based on the overlying garments.

To each his own