Which demon has descended on Kenyan Men

A form 2 student???


If your question was literal then > Demons from the astral kingdom of Persia, they are the grim reapers, they serve chief demon hades King of the underworld
When these dwarf demons possess a person he will fill murderous inclined to do the act.
However this knowledge comes from mystical origin

“kijana ya single mother” what do you expect.

Singo matha manenoz… Sorry but i had to generalize

Nope. You within the limits…

You need to lay off the singo mother propaganda. I’ve mentored a kid whose been an orphan since he was a small child.His parents died of HIV. His step brothers were burnt through mob justice for stealing. He was raised by his aunt who is a single mother. And he’s disciplined and charming yet he came from the slums.

I know you hate women with a passion but this is pushing it. What on earth does having a single mother have to do with stabbing an innocent child more than 10 times and brutally raping her for declining your sexual advances? The other boy that killed a 14 year old girl after raping her who was lynched had both parents. What are women to do if men keep abandoning their kids. Sell them on the black market? These women are making the best of a bad situation. That men put them in. I’ve been telling people here that men are very unstable mentally nowadays and keep your daughters as far away as you can from them. Curtail any kind of friendliness bcz you don’t know who of them will snap. This guy was probably on drugs. Men have bcm these dangerous people that you should keep your distance from especially kids bcz they’re so innocent they don’t understand the type of madness that’s in the world today. I know I seem extreme but it sure beats having to bury your child who is in Form 2 after she’s been raped and killed so brutally. Better paranoid than dead. The devil is looking all over for whom to devour. Gotta be hypervigilant. I feel so sad for her parents. RIP.

Key point to note, a child stabbed another child… sawa my child?..

Wewe unapigia Umbwa guitar. You have noticed the girl is just a kid at form 2 but the boy is a “guy” at form 3.

single mothers can never raise men !

These young men born in homes with no fathers are killing their women in the most brutal ways.
No father = no structure = no control

Every statement she makes and you realise the damn woman is on a rail track to singo mathahood of probably similarly messed up boys…

No.It wasn’t just stabbing. Killed and raped after his sexual advances were rejected . Then hid the body under his bed then dumped it at her parents gate. I am usually against mob justice but I think where we have reached now. Mob justice needs to make a serious come back.

I don’t know how anyone in their right mind can defend this monster ati he is a child. Child of what? The devil? Sorry for your men’s Rights he will be tried as an adult. Let him rot in jail we don’t need this types of people in society.

You need to revisit our lexicon and read what we mean by singo matha or kunguru… Widows are not… It is all others…

Actually he was 17, so if he turns 18 in jail before he’s charged, he will be charged as an adult. Your reasoning is so poor I sometimes am at a loss for what to tell you. It’s like talking to a 2 year.

But I’m going to humor you and talk about things real male children have done. When I say men are pure evil unadulterated. Whether they are kids or geezers. I know what I am talking about . I am an ardent true crime follower. I should know. When I say keep your daughters away from anyone with XY chromosome regardless of their age,and warn them to never be alone with males of all ages, this is why, they are easily possessed to do unfathomable acts.So let’s talk real kids K? And don’t you ever call me your child, I couldn’t possibly come from someone so dumb.

OK. Let’s talk about a 14 year old boy who killed, raped, robbed his female maths teacher. 14 is a real kid isn’t it. Class 8? Do you think it was bcz of single mother?

Same guy at age 15,slits the throat of a female staff at the juvenile center he was in.

4 teenage boys and a 19 year old boy rape and sodomise 11 year old girl at a public restroom

19 year old rapes a baby

17 men and boys gang rape 11 year old girl and record and distribute it.

Leo umekojolea kijiji ata Sina haja na post zako tena… Silly juvenile hypocrite…