Which coalition is likely to have power after August polls

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Historically,In Africa the incumbents rarely lose power however the are only four countries that have succeeded to send the incumbents home

In Nigeria,Muhammadu Buhari succeeded Goodluck Jonathan after a rare battle
In Gambia,The ECOWAS intervened after the incumbent president refused concede the defeat after electoral body declared the results in favour of the opposition

It is only in Libya that Muammar Gaddafi was killed bringing to an end the reign of forty years

In Egypt Hosni Mubarak was ousted out of power in a popular uprising and army took over

However there is no incumbent president who has lost in east,central and southern African republic.

In Kenyan situation,the ruling party has never had any major crack since 2013.Furthermore the International Criminal Court(ICC) cases has come to an end giving Jubilee an upper hand

Whereas National Supper Alliance (NASA) talks about possible malpractices,Jubilee talks about grant projects including the Standard Gauge Railway(SGR) and Rural electrification

The NASA team takes claims to to demonize independent institutions i.e the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) when the Jubilee is strengthening it.

NASA is the coalition of analogue men and women who had rule in the past regime with no track records to prove that they can deliver if given power. Jubilee is made up of a more digital team with digital technology and realignments that reflects Kenya’s demographic representations

The hopelessness has affected the voting pattern of NASA strongholds due to successive defeat in past polls

In conclusion,Jubilee is more prepared compared to NASA

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Kenyatta looks older than Jakom in that pic. Say no to maDre


Sasa Jakom akianza kusema atalegalize Changaa si hapo ni Noma x3.


uhuru ndio atakua rahis wa kwanza kuongoza kwa muhula moja peke yake …

kama kura zita kua za huru na haki uhuru anaenda nyumbani


President Joyce Banda of Malawi lost in 2014 elections.


Its Arap Mashamba am hearing preaching against the move. Jicho nyanya anajiambia kimya kimya 'si hii fala itulie tukate maji kwa amani?’

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noma aje?

busa ndio ita wekwa huru… traditional brews zenye tuna jivunia…lets not deny the fact that kenyans enjoy their drinks


Kenyan journalists are shit heads!

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i thought its a mini poll we could have voted instead of blind siding your opinion.

uhuru ndiye atakaye win

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Mūratina Iko sawa kwangu… Sioni shida hapa mimi. UOTP


how will i get my credit?

Raila Will win No one can defeat a united opposition…Uhuru has lost before and will loose again


Kulienda aje on two way prong approach?

Jubilee Ni coalition?


This one is for NASA ata kama agenda zao hazieleweki they have Jubilee’s mishandling of serious issues to thank for their relevance.


pure blood pia mimi ukipata unitumie

working for now.

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You were supposedly asking a question, and you proceeded to answer yourself .

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Uhuru Tano Tena.