Which club is this?

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Wuehh hio outfit. But she does look familiar, I think she’s a regular in these clubs. Hii nikipata napita nayo, size and color yangu

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Club da place. Make sure umevaa cd mbili


Wanakaa wachawi


Men and their D*cks… A story that has been Retold Over and Over… Uoni Hiyo ni Container ya Cocktail ya STIs and STDs.


Two day nv member with an enticing profile picture suddenly very active. Plan yako ni kutucon na njia gani Kangethe wa Maroroi?

Typical female hating on another female from a pedestal she put herself up on.

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As I earlier stated… I woke up on the Right Side of the Bed… As such I have no time in engaging with such parochial characters.

If that Picture is Your Definition of Female, then I Pity You… You Can Do Better.

You should pity yourself because you and her share the same reproductive parts. You and her will both lie on your backs and open your legs wide and squat to urinate. That is if you are even female to begin with …

Mboch wa Kuwait amepata chance ya kushika simu mwenye nyumba yuko kazini

Mbona Unamtetea Hivyo Kwa Vujo… Ama She is Your Sister? Then You Should Advise Her.

“Fujo” … Degree muhimu kwa hii forum if you want to advise elders. Otherwise stick to washing pots and pans for arabs

That’s a death trap.

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You reek of Bitterness… Enda ka Heal na Uko.

“Huko” … degree muhimu mboch

@KuwaitBabe Sasa? Wachana na hizi ngamia mbili, sex starved and bitter… Dont mistake this for simping however, ningependa kupick brain yako kidogo. We shall engage in these forums…

Huyu atakuwa bibi ya mtu in the future.