which city do you want to live in

If you could live in any city, where would you live?


Vienna, Austria. Very beautiful alps zero bonoboism.

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Hustler City

Oulu finland


Konza city.
It’s close to my new base. The infrastructure will allegedly be world class. I hope we don’t fuck this one up.

It’s already fucked up, utangoja hadi 2060 ndio uone hizo world class infrastructure.


Baghdad, Iraq

[SIZE=6]Khamis Mushait[/SIZE]

Githurai phone snatcher niaje

Fiti Sana addi meffi

There are so many cities where I would really like to live.

  1. New York. I have always dreamt of living in the United States, so, NYC is the right place to live for a young person who is full of ambitions and plans for the life. That is the city of lots of opportunities. There is huge amount of career opportunities which can be used to achieve something that you’ve always dreamt about. More than that, this city is very beautiful and it would be a pleasure for me to live there.
  2. Tokyo. In spite of the fact that this city is situated on the other side of the globe, it is still the center of civilization. Japan has unique culture and life there is unique as well which would make it extremely interesting to live there. This city would give me lots of impressions and make my life much brighter and more interesting.
  3. Morbegno, Italy. I’ve there once and I should say that it is the calmest place I have ever been to. I would move there when I was old. Morbegno is full of peace and calmness, all of the dwellers know each other which makes living there a very pleasant and relaxed experience. Just what I need when I grow old.

kanairo in 2063 to see our capital after a century of ‘independence’