Which app?

Apart from DU screen recorder, which other app can be used to screenrecord & go live in Facebook and youtube. Sipendi DU coz wanajiadvertise sana in your live video. So nataka alternatives!

What do you mean by go live because you go live from inside Facebook, YT or IG

He wants to record those live twerk strip dance videos on IG:D

Ok let me explain inakaa hushikanishi… i thought u shld be getting it even better than the others…
I need an app that can screen record and go live on either facebook/youtube. Eg going live in a gameplay ,or a live football match i want to share live to others etc…

You want to record at the same time broadcast live .hahaha

Thats what i do with du screen recorder but hio app kwa live video yako itaweka details zao mingi na sitaki to be part of my live video

Hua nasaidia watu wa unliminet wawatch game facebook bila stress as i stream from elsewhere… Hope now u got what i mean

Kwani hujawai jua iko apps hufanya hivo?

I don’t coz I’ve never needed one. There are a billions apps but u can only install the one u use

Tumia AZ screen recorder it’s nice after finishing recording you can compress the video!I use it myself


and for Du recorder Just
install freedom appand Buy a pro version with it utoe hzo ads and watermarks