Whether or not Raila wins 2022

Uhuru will be the last Kenyatta in state house.

The way the family has handled this presidency shows a complete lack of strategy, which is the key ingredient in dynastic survival.


Uhuru has also been extremely insensitive to public opinion. The idiot always does what he wants when he wants: ignoring court orders and taking debt, letting corruption run wild while doing nothing for Wanjiku is how Jayden will be remembered. The “system” might have put him in office but genuine public support was still important and he forgot that and is now universally loathed.

This isn’t 1978, when an ally as president can keep your image clean, the government doesn’t have that ability anymore

Also this thing of needing a co president, first Ruto and now Raila doesn’t project the image of strength and invincibility that dynastic needs in the absence of generous public affection

Ni hayo tu

Public opinion is manufactured & Judiciary is independent.

Introductory sentence is insignificant and or senseless. Thank you.

Jomo will still look for the presidency and naive Kenyans will vote for him

The Kenya government does not have that capacity anymore.

An intense PR campaign may work on a specific issue but it doesn’t change a general vibe, which is what a dynasty should focus on

Gideon is being cock blocked by Moi’s shadow, why would another Kenyatta not experience the same?

It’s not Moi’s image blocking him. It’s the fact that the guy is clueless and naive in matters politics

I would not care whether he obeyed or disobeyed court orders. Mimi hutengana kabisa na anyone who cites disobedience of our courts as they were during Maraga’s time as a reason to disparage Uhuru! His presidency is full of missteps, omissions and many other negatives, but, for me, fuck the courts!

Unless the incoming president proves to be an angel, waKenya ni walewale. They will still vote without brains as always, a simple euphoria will carry them away as currently witnessed courtesy of jambazi sugu lenye miraba minne na misuli tinginya kutoka Sukoi.

Which is why I said public opinion ni meffi

this is a fallacy the Kenyattas are birioneas , siwezi shangaa another Kenyatta being president in the next 50 years

Btw wewe ni president wa?


… gani hio?