Where's the Money?

What is the game plan here? Hawa watu wa Kamiti wana mseso.

In other news cartels are hitting back, saudi prince killed in a helicopter crush

Hehe. I’ve also received that before. I also wondered the same

What they tell you :nichotee soo tano nikushow ni nani and since curiosity killed the cat, you chota and the rest as they say is history.


Imagine a person whose wife/husband died years back receiving such…

Theres cash in the end game. :D:D


do they have the morality to consider such?

@Thagichu note the way the message is gender neutral which should tell you it is meant for the mass market. they also ride on the fact that most of us will feel jealous and curious to know who our “lover” is playing with. mara myingi they will taunt you with the messages and when you call the number they don’t answer, heightening your anxiety, and making you do some irrational things such as sending small amounts in order to get the name…

And they were clever enough to make it applicable to the two genders

Na huyu je ?


Preying on women who will think ako na kakitu kumbe ni mkunduwazi, alafu asks for some cash to bail him out of a situation with a promise of bonus on top of the loan.

The irrelevance in this …rink,findio ama effdense yoyote

1 you dont have a tifii
2 ata kama uko nayo haina decorder

Sema mkubwa

eeeeh munene