Where're My Trumptisters- Come hia!


This is the face of the western woman, black or white. Harridan. Very rude. Entitled. Combative. Divorce rapist.

The attaattack was bad, but then again why is it that when a white crazy person attacks a black person in America it has to be termed “racist”. That’s just a rich entitled prick of a bi.tch.

Black people need to stop pretending to be victims of race while in reality they are victims of economic inequality on the basis of taxation onf the rick like that woman.

I hope black people come up against Jussie Smollett for fabricating a racial attack.

Hahahahahaha! Drumpf-effect is spreading like a nasty STI.

How is this racist? That woman is a dumb and stupid entitled western woman. I’ve seen more videos of stupid black women doing such nonsense.

But why put the baby on the walk way?

@Nattydread hio propaganda ni mzee sasa. Tafuta tune ingine for 2020. You’ve been singing that tune since 2016 na imekataa ku work.

I like this old lie that the media and liberals are still trying to sell: that racism has increased with the arrival of Trump. Trump effect!!

Almost saying there were no racist acts in the U.S. until Trump came along! Then they immediately point at Charlottesville their only redeeming example. “Trump supported that! He said it… he wanted it… he ORDERED it!”

Which is another lie of course.

It’s just like early 2017 when @Amused and many other liberals were trying very hard, very very hard to say that mass shootings have increased with Trump.

Amused would say statistics don’t lie. Stata… stutter … statistics!!

“Mass shootings are a Trump effect. They have increased. Trump is causing it. It WILL only get worse!!!”


Ungeskia lawyer Obienga akipatiana predictions. “You wait the shootings will just increase!”

And by the way @obienga what happened to your predictions concerning Chinese tarrifs? The world was supposed to end because of Trump’s tarrifs.

Meanwhile CNN was stopping short of saying even Sandy Hook is a Trump effect. Nikashindwa which president was recently recorded multiple times shedding crocodile tears over his “incapability” to stop the shootings, na usiku ndio yeye huyo drone bombing Arab babies to the next world…

Then you have President Trump who seriously wants to work with the president of North Korea. A peacemaker. He hasn’t drone bombed whole cities. Oooh, but he’s the bad guy!!

Ni uchokozi ya liberals. So they can get the opportunity to whip out their phones and record the Jaguar driving conservative millionairess.

So they can document “Trump effect” and send it to CNN. And hopefully they can find a liberal judge who can take down the conservative devil and take half of her 30 million dollars and give to the black baby.

How is 30 million dollars relevant in this none story here that it has to be mentioned? That it even has to be said that she was married to the owner of a baseball team. Relevance?

Trump aside, do you think the white woman’s behaviour is justifiable?

Apparently she lives in that neighborhood and has taken it upon herself to chase away photography tourists from the famous neighborhood brick pathways. Amefukuza wengine before and was recorded doing it as well. But in this particular case lazima story ingeongozwa royco na chumvi for maximum effect.

Except Trump represents the image of a businessman. The only lucrative business she ever conducted was that of a siren divorcing the husband for a cash prize. She is behaving like a real liberal; rude and entitled. Loud and disagreeable. And she fleeced the husband. None of that reflects on Trump.

Kumbe Trump ako aware hivi…