Where we are - taxation unto death


This is where Uhuruto have taken us, with their over-quoted projects to benefit their cronies and please villagers of how they are working to “deliver”.
The next govt should focus on
1.Cutting down un-necessary govt expenditure,wastage and over-priced tenders
2.Incentives and friendly taxation to promote - manufucturing ,angro-processing and encouraging exports
3.putting more people in stable formal employment and hence collect more taxes instead of over-burdening the only few tax-payers
4.Lowering the cost of power

Am talking of the next govt because the only thing the current ass-holes are focusing on is tenders to get kickbacks.

Dereva ni mlevi na conductor ni mwizi.

One word

On the other side of the hemisphere though,portugal did tax itself to death,they were in worse position than us today,now they are debt free.kenya is not poor considering the fuel guzzlers and alcohol imbibers we have here,others don’t have the luxury:D:D:D:D:D

If the taxes were being used properly to finance development and support private enterprise, we could see an end to the dark tunnel. Lakini kusema ukweli, the deficit is because of corruption, unchecked waste and generally poor policy making/implementation.

Well said… The only thing I’d change in your list of priorities is number 3; creating formal employment is an uphill task anywhere in the world, moreso with the continued switch to automation of many ‘white collar’ jobs. I’d suggest the treasury comes up with ways of expanding the tax basket, si mambo ya kukimbilia the usual victims because it is easy.

Kenyans are tired of overtaxation.

Yes, expand the tax base by lowering tax especially on small businesses.