Where was Kenyatta all along

A fire is burning in a camp site south of Chania River. Stanley Mathenge is presiding over a meeting dressed in a black khaki suit, red beret and woollen scarf. We see KLFA leaders: Dedan Kimathi, Waruhiu Itote, Kariuki wa Chege, Macharia Kimemia, Mbaria Kaniu, Muruthi Mathi, Theuri Mukua, Muriuki Gathure, Ndungu Gicheru, Kariuki Mathinji, Enock Mwangi, Kerito Ole Kisio, Kihara Kaguma, Gitau Nganga, Kareri Ihura, Mbuthia Muraya and Henry Kahinga.

DEDAN KIMATHI: Eeeh… muriega andu a nyumba? [how are you] Let us now call this meeting in order. We shall start with brother Enock Mwangi from Nairobi representing the Kenya War Council. (sits down)

ENOCK MWANGI: First off I greet you in the name of Gikuyu and Mumbi. The situation in Nairobi is tense. The government has blocked all roads leading in and out of Nairobi. We have moved headquarters from Kiburi House to Mathare Valley for security reasons. We have secured a house in Kasarani which we can use to ferry troops using our Thika supply line. Despite these hardship we are committed to the movement and may God lead us to the promised land. (sits down)

DEDAN KIMATHI: We will now allow comrade Kerito Ole Kisio to brief us on operations from Narok.

KERITO OLE KISIO: (in Maasai accent) Thank you brother Dedan. I bring you greetings from the Maasai community. We have surveyed the lands out from Narok to Nairobi and we have decided to set camp by Ngong Hills. We will conduct our raids and supply camps south of the Aberdares. It is important that we convince people that they are fighting to liberate this country. The Maasai are not convinced that they are fighting for land since we are a pastrol people. The British are clever and they know that to touch our cows will amount to all out war. This is what the British call divide and rule. We therefore must educate the masses to understand what we are fighting for. (sits down)

DEDAN KIMATHI: Next we shall hear from brother Mbaria Kaniu representing Fort Hall district Muranga.

Mbaria Kaniu is six feet tall pronounced cheek bones and soft spoken. Dedan is writing notes in a journal. Mbaria stands up.

MBARIA KANIU: A large family does not need a guardian. I have been listening to this congregation with an earnest heart and I can tell you I see a bunch of cowards… (crowd murmurs) You ran around saying kusema na kutenda but what have we accomplished. NOTHING! We need to strike hard while the iron is hot. The people have been waiting for a night of long swords…(crowd cheers)…We must engage with the enemy and show them that we are a force to reckon with. Laziness will only make you fools.

DEDAN KIMATHI: Thank you brother Mbaria. We shall now hear from brother Waruhiu Itote from Mt. Kenya district.

WARUHIU ITOTE: I am pleased to be gathered in the presence of my fellow countrymen. We have established our headquarters deep within Hombe Forest in Mt. Kenya. We will coordinate with Meru and Embu forces. The Hika Hika battalion has already successfully conducted night raids in Nanyuki area. We have observed increased activity around the enemy’s Airforce base with Harvard and Lincoln bombers on standby. We are suspecting the British are planning airstrikes to flash out our forces. Our greatest obstacle is the thick vegetation and frigid temperatures of Kirinyaga which hampers our movement to attend meetings in Aberdares. Thank you for your time.

DEDAN KIMATHI: I will now call upon brother Muruthi Mathi to address the meeting representing North Tetu division.

Muruthi Mathi is about five feet six inches tall bald arrogant with a deep raspy voice.

MURUTHI MATHI: A storm has been brewing for a very long time. The time has come for the black man to stand up and defend his dignity. Our policy is zero tolerance to the white man’s lies and lifestyle. We have to prepare our soldiers for battle. It is the responsibility of unit leaders to provide sufficient supplies for camps and that is one of the reasons we called for this important meeting. We cannot fight the British guns with fruits and empty rhetoric. We need to start making our own weapons and training our soldiers in proper combat tactics. Our policy is stick and move. Hit the target hard and scatter fast. I have directed my troops to set fire to wheat farms and raid livestock. The British settlers are nothing but a bunch of rejects polluting our land with sorcery and evil manipulations. Are you ready to fight?.. (crowd cheers)

DEDAN KIMATHI: Thank you comrade Muruthi for that inspiring speech. Next on the roster is brother Theuri Mukua representing the Rift Valley district.

Theuri Mukua is six feet tall dark skinned with broad shoulders. He is a singer.

THEURI MUKUA: I greet you my comrades in the name of Jehovah most merciful. Let us leave here in one accord and resolve all differences that we have. The white man delights in creating division and enmity within our people. These vultures feed on the blood, sweat and tears of the black man. But tonight let me assure you my brothers that indeed the last shall be the first. This is a justified war to regain our land and to show the world that the African is not scared to take arms and fight injustice. We are all equals here and none is above each other. We must carry our cross without thoughts of bitterness. Let us not forget our sisters in the struggle who have sacrificed to help us. They are just as important as any of you here. In fact, let me assure you our women and children are the backbone of this struggle. Thank you. (crowd claps)

DEDAN KIMATHI: Last but not least I am humbled to introduce brother Stanley Mathenge. (crowd cheers)

STANLEY MATHENGE: (stands up) I am pleased to see so many people gathered here. We are really in a state of war not just emergency. Do not fear enemy bombs or jet planes being used to suppress the African. It is now or never! I know that you are itching for action. The elders have done their part now it is up to us young turks to carry the cross. Our immediate need is to equip our soldiers with weapons. Our first major mission will be led by comrades Muraya Mbuthia and Mbaria Kaniu. Your target is Naivasha police post. Othaya division will supply seventy five warriors and the Kenya War Council has supplied five rifles. Our second mission will be led by our Special forces under direct command of Central Committee which will attack Chief Luka’s camp in Lari. I want you to show the world that this land is sacred and with God’s help we shall free this country from the oppressor. We are the Land and Freedom Army!.. (crowd chants "ithaka na wiyathi)

The Legend of Mau Mau
Ngigi Muya, 2015

@pamba leta summary Afande

DEDAN KIMATHI: We shall now hear from the god of war @Rene Descartes, the warrior of all warriors. by his eyes that glow like the sun may his majesty @Rene Descartes strike fear in all beberu (muthungu).

ENTIRE PARADE: Thaaai thathaiya @Rene Descartes.
March! 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, Abaaaaaaaut turn!!! March! 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.

Kenyatta was in London fighting the same war from a different angle. Do you need his diary?

DEDAN KIMATHI : we shall now hear from the legendary dryfry artist General UWESMAKE from outer Mt kimilili representing the bukusu batallion

@uwesmake a tall handsome but rough looking general

UWESMAKE : The bukusu nation salutes you , we have managed to deal with the sabaot sympathisers now we have to use the scorch earth policy on the TESO iscariots who have been coordinating with the musungu to arrest our soldiers . we are planning on capturing their leaders @Abba and @Tiriitiondo aka jakenya then circumcise them at AMUKURA garrison infront of their people to instill fear into the Wanga and teso cowards , ni hayo tu kwa sasa .


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anko mteso niko ngangari

Couch P says uko na kaswende ya akili, je hiyo ni kweli?

@Bhai, can you please give me the source of this info?

The list isn’t all inclusive General Ngariama and the Ameru, Embu branch, Akina Singh who used to organise how bullets and guns will reach the fighters.

sande sana

utakuja mazishi ya meja?

Yote tisa…na bado ukienda home bibi yako anakutwanga…shenji kabisa.

what the ferk, alikufa lini?

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source of this? sounds interesting.

Fuck him … what war all these f

Founding fathers are just selfish bastards who pushed for neo colonialism

ni fiction, all those generals never met at any one time, the writer has fertile imagination

It’s easy to judge after the fact. Truth is, very few people would risk their lives the way they did - which is incidentally the reason you can write bs about them.

Its sad that there was no way around it neo colonialism was unescapable at the time if it wasnt kenyatta it would have been another puppet… maybe even either of our grandfathers… the british got us by the balls