Where to find iCloud locked xs/11 pro

My first iPhone got screen damage due to moisture.My second one was spoilt due to fall damage.Nimepewa bei ya kushtua sana hapo CBD. Wefix is offering to replace xs max screen for 24K and 11 pro max for 42K. They calim these are OLED screens. This is madness because those prices are the values of the same phones but second hand.I am not a tycoon wadau. And am not going for low quality LCD screens on jiji. So nimeamiua kutafuta iCloud locked iPhones then I swap the screen. Kindly who has leads where I can get locked Xs max and/or 11 pro max??

Cheza ligi yako na ununue Samsung A series, Xiaomi Redmi ama Oppo. Wachana na Iphones kabisa na any flagship device because clearly those phones aren’t for you na sio kwa ubaya.


My son, don’t mistake street smart for poverty. Catch me dead spending more when I can buy the same for cheap. I was raised by an accountant who taught me to account for every coin I spent. I am in the apple ecosystem,iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhones. Unataka screenshot of my iCloud devices? I bought all of them brand new.I don’t spend on entertainment because I can but only when there’s value. For example, I bought the PS5 on the second month after launch yet I have been waiting for Assassins Creed Origins to drop below $9.99 on a sale since 2017. I am happy I waited since it was recently added to PS Plus Extra which I am subscribed to.I live comfortably but as I said, I will save to the last coin when I can.

yaani unanunua ps5 na kuweka kwa store ukingoja game?
si ungengoja ps5 pro ndio ununue bundle na assassin creed ucheze day one?

uko kwa video edit team yenye munatumianga apple exclusive software kama final cut ama umenunua imac ndio utumiange kama bootloader ya chrome?

What a lecture

I almost thought unarecite poem

Cheza ligi yako,

Mashida za kununua iphone ndiyo ufit in.:D:D

Kwa Telegram group walisema unaeza supply

iPhone haitaki maskini. The fact that you are complaining about the price of a screen means you cant afford it. Mimi nachezea ligi ya Redmi. Huko ndo mahali .fuko yangu inaeza cheza.

I suggest you just import a new lcd and have a technician assemble for you.
Niliwacha kurepair iPhones juu zilinichoma sana. Hizi simu, Ngai!!! Some devices won’t work when you swap parts. Sometimes they need software updates and the screen might work halfway or just the touch or only the display. Wah! And the screws to access the motherboard are below the screen so kaa screen imecrack, ni hivyo. Ni uamue kuharibu screen ndio ufikie mobo ama uiwache tu hivyo.

Head over to Ebay and try hunting for them there, problem is you have to enter bidding wars that require time, patience, fast internet & hands. You can choose to buy them outright though for just a little over and another downside is you can’t verify the authenticity of the screen because some are sold with replaced lower tier replacement screens.

Apple serializes part such as screens and this limits the functionality of parts donated from even a genuine brand new iPhone.

Chukua Samsung A series with OLED.