where there's smoke there's fire



Hii ni nomaa


Too late and simply a wild goose chase…

Who does these small talk help ?

Hii no noma wadau , jamaa anachoma kuchoma

Its true but very late to discuss about it.

Not late he is killing rao’s pride… the poison is slowly coming to effect just watch as the drama continues

Raila Ojinga the political conman is finished. This coming only a few days after Uhuru Kenyatta declared he will quit politics after 2022 is quite interesting. Jubilee could be orchestrating all this behind the scenes. Having bought Raila Ojinga and thus disenfranchised his followers, this could be the beginning of the end for the political demagogue.

Golddiggers… walikuwa wapi all this time. Miguna níatútigithie úngui

Kuzaa sio kazi, kazi ni kulea

Fidel looks more like oburu odinga…huyu Charles owino looks like some kalenjin that I know

yenyewe ni muhimu kufanana babako.

:D:D…ati RAO sasa amekuwa conman
Lakini ni ukweli hiyo mutu ni conman

Leta hekaya mblo…

Sina hekaya, I’ve just observed how this guy manipulates everyone for his own selfish gains

Yaani rao is being fought by his own generals, adui ya mtu ni rafiki wa karibu