Where Raila Odinga Fails

You see, when you get older your judgement tends to fail you but I doubt that’s Raila’s major concern going with the recent activities. You have issues with IEBC great! So what’s next? Follow what the constitution which you championed for with great might right? Yeah right, but wait, there’s a problem, the law regarding this commission requires that I go through parliament and in the same parliament where the government has a tyranny of numbers? So as Raila Amollo Odinga what do I resort to next?

“Quick mind! Think!” I say to myself… After a couple of days Muthama, Orengo and co approach me with an idea. Let’s DEMONSTRATE!!!

I hover on the idea for sometime and then decide why not give it a go. So how exactly we will go about this, I think to myself.,. Hhhmm…

Got it!!! How about Monday?? You know Monday, the most boring day of the week. The previous day was Sunday, cops went to church so even if it comes to clobbering they will do it with moderation since they’re filled with spirit. What about the goons though? oh!? them? They’re characterized by low self worth, ability to withstand a couple kicks to the hekes and some kahashos and in addition to that I only need 500 shillings to line their hollow pockets (in which you can hear echos) and they’re game!!

Oh Muthama and Orengo what could I do without you? Muthama reckons that we would need about 2-5 weeks of demonstrations before the governments gives in!! I jump in joy and little streams can be seen on my chicks. About 2-3 weeks of demonstration I get a call, guess from who? UHUNYE himself. He calls me to statehouse and I ask him if I can come with my flower girl Weta as the melon is in China which is great since he can pita kati yangu and weta and switch allegiance. Uhunye agrees that I can come with Weta and tells me to also keep time not like the other time I was late by an hour.

I call uncle mutha and oresh to celebrate victory, they arm with the right words and I’m off to state house… In stato everything goes fine, we took pictures with Uhunye only thing I can complain about is the little time I had to chat with him privately. I can’t complain much though, after all we know what wahenga said about journeys of a thousand miles. According to me though, Uhunye and I had dialogue, or what is your definition of the same? Wiki says, it’s written or spoken conversation between two or more people, so yeah we had dialogue.

Days later, the government has not moved an inch on their previous stance! Shit! gotta swallow some shisha on Monday but haisuru!

Monday is here, protests start very early in Kisumu, in Nairobi there are several blockades in major highways followed by goons who cause major inconvenience in some parts of the capital. Few people die and others hospitalized, property vandalized, meetings cancelled, flights missed, classes skipped etc

Still you relent and maintain that yours is a peaceful demonstration. But no Raila, we can see through you, you want to cause havoc in this country and gain power through whatever means, ata wakufe wangapi seems to be your motto.

And this Rao is where you lose a neutral like me and many others. FUCK OFF!!


Cheeks nigga, CHEEKS!


OK, but that part of orengo n muthama advised for riots is wrong. Babuon doesn’t take advise or isn’t a keen listener. Hii yote started with him and the cheerleaders around said yes babuon.

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I also have to add that, with this kind of show there’s a likelihood that the Western countries are observing and Uhuru being the snake charmer he’s proven to be seems like a saint to these people. Reason why he’s sticking to the tune of ‘follow the constitution’. Come 2017, Uhuru will be the darling of the west and he will run an election that will be labeled ‘free and fair’ by the west, he will recei r congratulatory messages from far and wide to rubber stamp his presidency.
Coastal region is shooting themselves in the foot by disrupting an already weak tourism sector which they rely on. They will have no one to blame but themselves. Nairobi is already complaining.
All I’m saying is, be tactful ODM, be tactful. You have more weaponry that could be used to your advantage in 2017 than picketing and peaceful demos.

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They don’t sit somewhere, discuss, deliberate and decide. No, they don’t! They make random and spontaneous roadside decisions and declarations, and they know that whatever crazy declaration they come with, the principal will be okay with it and the masses will be all too willing to lay down their lives for the same!


Peaceful demos indeed, tulikuwa tunawangoja River Rd. tuwatahirishe na makucha.


C & P.

Mzee Mzima, kumbe uko na kakitu kwa kichwa? Am impressed.

With these demos Raila has lost the moderates and if you look very, very closely at the pictures posted here, HALF THE SO-CALLED DEMONSTRATORS IN NAIROBI WERE RANDOM CHOKORAS WITHOUT IDS!

Kudos, kijana. By the time you get to my age you will be just as wise…



I am

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Sometimes I wonder,dance with the devil, or follow the wolf in sheep’s clothing

Kijana wacha kujichocha. Kizungu yangu hauiwezi…


Raila is like a sailor who has always dreamt of being the captain but that is just a dream that will never come true so he decides to bring down the whole ship with him and sink it …but soon the other sailors might throw him overboard and let him swim with the sharks. The selfish ambitions of a madman cannot and will not destroy a great country like Kenya .


you forgot today he had new road side demands…new register, new population data…with the new commissioners his hoping to fill in…okay now we can through away the I in IEBC.

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Honestly, I don’t blame them(CORDESHIAN Leadership).
The bafoons I blame and will castigate are the so called followers. They are meant to be smarter than that,yet they choose to think with Kshs 500 or 1,000 in mind

Pole pole one by one kenyan youths inurban areas have started jumping the cord ship die to its stupid demos n half baked visionary ideas that seem to be affecting effective hustling yao.
Leo i have witnessed angry luo buisnesmen who lost huge sales due to the demos.the young middle class guys from nyanza who dont depend on pay cheques wanampa macho ya pembeni yenye hasira sana.
lets wait n see by dec thos year wakiendelea hivi atakua amepoteza swing votes ngapi

most of the demonstrating youths from kibera n environs kwanza hua yao ni machungu ya umaskini.they feel cheated when they see other young kenyan (read kikuyu youth) living fairly good lives than them,so they tend to take all their frustrations on the said tribes investments.this is a good example of blaming everyone but oneself for their misery.ask any kibera stone throwing holigan why he or she is in the state she/he is in utaskia sijui serikali ya okuyu this or that


Mzee mzima nani amekuandikia hii??!

Anyway, unye should just let them have a demo without teargas like today. They expect to be beaten and stuff but he should be wiser- don’t play a fools game! Give them security wakimaliza waende home. Two weeks are enough waboeke… Incase the goons start their usual destruction, a serious decision should be made, after he makes sure amepocket all the media houses. Oooh, i forgot… Internet should be down for close to a week.


No internet for a week hiyo ni hujuma.

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