Where Itumbi and Alai get their classified informaion

Have you wondered where top bloggers get their information about things that are going to happen or what one political camp is planning against the other? They access parts of the internet that common users will not normally go. This is the DeepNet sometimes called the DarkNet. Some people use it for questionable dealings but journalists, bloggers and the DCI use it to find concealed information. Whistle blowers also use it to leak information anonymously which is not possible with other types of media. Mostlt these link have a .onion extension and you will require[B] Tor Browser[/B] to access them. Below is an example:


Download [B] Tor Browser[/B] and paste the links above if you are still curious.
Otherwise ignore and go to another thread.

Deep net and dark net are 2 different things, not the same


Stop immortalizing these two domkops they simply rely on normal leaks

Hio darkweb hakuna kitu huko the only thing youll find there is the CIA trying to throw you some bait plus some retarded minds drooling over porn, peadophilia, and gory stuff.

Silly info…information does not get to the deep or dark net unless someone puts it there. Now you want us to belive that kieleweke and tangatanga put info about there meetings there ? I suspect you just found out about the deep/dark net and came up with this silly theory.


Bro unajaribu kufunza elders about dark web and deep web. A simple search should confirm that these are concepts we discussed probably half a decade ago when 95% of Kenyans weren’t familiar with the terms. And your analysis is pure jaba content.

NV aligraduate juzi akawa SV akaanza kutuletea story za jaba, tema handass ulale

Elders tafadhali tusiharibie jaba jina

Great News :D:D

Pretty sure those two don’t even know about Tor, before we even talk about the darkweb.

unaweka .onion link unaexipecti wasee wa click?

unajua classified information ni nini? hakuna kitu classified huwa hao wanapost,

Kenyas political landscape is not that sophisticated. These bloggers rely on paid informants.

nataka onion links za vienyeji swafee tight

how did you know those things are there? I wonder

Jaba ipewe heshima yake.

Oooh ok.

[SIZE=1]thanks @captain obvious [/SIZE]

U see… Itumbi used to be at Statehouse, he left with his thieving master Ulliam…Alai used to bash Uhunye’s gover until he touched the ATPU’s nerve akaguswa na sindano kwa makei…he moved into the handshake with his master Rao.
Dont u expect these 2 people to be still friends with people of the 2 different political sides…whatever they peddle online and offline is simple moshene (simple leaking of info) across friends and foes who used to be friends and vice versa…nothing from the classified parts of the web…

You’re giving them too much credit. Also none of them has ever posted classified info