Where is this guy who is the one of wwe strongest people today?


Unauliza nani, na @Mi Si Nyayako

Braun Strowman ndiye beast. Real life contestant of the World Strongest man. Msee alicompete against The Mountain wa GoT. 12000 calories of food per day.


this is choreographed stuff

Wreso niliwacha ku-watch 1994 nilipojua it’s just fake acting BS.

si kila wakati ni matani

kitambo kulikuwa na jamaa alikuwa anaitwa Giant Gonzalez,he’s size alone was mind boggling. Then before his time there was probably one of the most powerful men ever, Andre the Giant. Andre could flip cars easily. If wrestling was real, yaani real fighting and everything you’d have to be mad to go toe to toe with the Big Show. Big show kofi yake pekee at full throttle no holds barred could kill a man. In a strong man competition he’d probably perform very well but some of these guys are probably too big to even qualify. Actually many of these wrestlers are just too strong.

Bobby Lashley is a monster. bam bam bigelow, viscera,earthquake, vader, Kane were abnormal humans. Even Diesel and the undertaker at their primes were monsters. Yokozuna wacha tu.

sawa @Mi Si Nyayako

Andre the Giant alikuwa anatembea na crate ya fombe kwa gari. He drank like a fish.

I hope pia mliacha kuwatch movies and series


I religiously follow WWE especially Monday Night Raw and I rarely watch movies and series. All of this stuff is scripted and I don’t understand why movie lovers like to take a moral high ground on this issue.

as did many of us. the last wrestling scene i watched, the late ultimate warrior was running into the ring and the crowd went insane.
akapigwa vilivyo! and i said goodbye.


Braun Strowman competed in the worlds strongest men in real life. There are only like 10 of those guys.

Andre the giant once drank 156 beers in one sitting

Hii mimi hungojea DJ Afro anifanyie translation…

@GoodVibes Strowman competed in amateur strongman events not even the pro events. Furthermore you can’t claim he is the strongest wrestler and yet the other wrestlers have not competed in strongman events, your research is very flawed!

Its like saying Lesnar is the best ultimate fighter/ mixed martial artist in WWE and yet the other wrestlers have never participated in the UFC. Also, every wrestler had his own path to WWF/WWE.

Some came from the NBA, some from NFL with mixed performance results e.g the Rock and Goldberg, Hacksaw etc… some came from mixed martial arts like Ken Shamrock who had little success in WWF and wasn’t a major draw or Lesnar who I mentioned above… others came from boxing… some were ordinary raia with big bodies and ambitions to one day wrestle… so each one of them has his story. Some even came from Sumo wrestling and Japanese pro and amateur wrestling. Some came from Mexican wrestling. Others were celebrity bouncers. Others even began lifting weights and wrestling in prison…

Now if they had all participated in ONE similar strongman event and Strowman emerged overall winner with many points in most of the events compared to other wrestlers including those from yester years, then you can confidently say he is the strongest man in wrestling. Furthermore participating in a strongman evrnt only means you can lift heavy things in that particular event, what if you participated in the Olympics or Commonwealth games in lifting events? There are people who have olympic gold medals in lifting are you saying that they are weaker than strongmen? Unaweza shangaa kuona Savickas ama Mariusz Pudzianowski, wakishindwa vibaya sana na jamaa wa olympics or vice versa.

Strongman ni event kivyake. Same with all other sports.

I remember dem days. Tuesday night was special. Singesumbua matha na kutoroka maji ya kuoga, homework etc etc. By 8pm nilikua nimeoga nimekula homework kwisha. Ni ‘Professional View’ mbele yangu na wreso. First time Giant Gonzalez made an appearance, I took cover behind the wall unit. Guy had a monkey skin as his uniform Mimi nikafikiria ni ngozi yake. Scary stuff! Halafu I had an uncle tulikua tunakaa pamoja. He was very physical and audible while watching wreso. Ole wako upite mbele yake Andre the giant akichapa mtu ile kibare ya chest(we used to call it kupigwa pasi) unakutana na ngumi. Halafu when the guy he supported lost, usimwongeleshe otherwise your night would be spoilt

Halafu zile siku KPLC decides to screw you on a Tuesday evening. kesho yake ukienda chuo usikie wasee wakiongea about last night’s action, unasikia kulia tu