Where is the Circumcision Courage you yell about?



worse than @digi.

I’ve killed a LION with my bare hands elder

Why do odomos concentrate so much on perceived uthamaki bitterness with so much bitterness? Talk about projection!:rolleyes:

@Tiriitiondo na mtoto wake @Jimit wanatahirishwa Dec 14th pale kimilili DEB . sergical tools ni chupa ya fanta .

Changieni ya uji kwa hii playbill 817564 .

semeji, Mimi Nime pledge shoka ya kuwatahirisha, Kwanza hio kihii jimit

Machungu nayo.

IS it really talking about that usual procedure all or almost all african males do in order to be considered somewhat from this continent or something like that ? I couldn’t even understand what it’s all about really. Thanks for that matter anyway.

This bitterness you harbor for Luo is too much for any woman, I have strong reasons to believe you are a veined tree holder

The only thing that you’ll circumcise is the donkey’s dick for your mtura biniz

Whatever. And if you equate my dislike for rat and his adherent love of violence then that’s your problem not mine