Where is she?

Takataka ni takataka bro, you can’t polish a turd under the guise of “live and let live.” Every man on the planet wants to bang a fine woman. Those who can’t get fine women settle for such landwhales and try to justify it saying it’s their preference. Stop making excuses. Improve your life and your standards will automatically improve as well.

Points well noted. No offence but hata ka sikujui but you seem to be one of those theory filled people who don’t live in real world realities lakini. Maybe those fine women you are saying wako na maringo in bed, maybe they have shitty attitudes, maybe this bitch turns these guys on as she reminds them of a primary school teacher they always wanted to fuck or some crazy shit like that hehe. One plus one is not always simply two in the real world mzito. Acha watu wakule kile wanapenda

Nini hukusumbua msenge ? Unajua wewe ni humbwer?

Mbwa, wapi namba yake na clear image

Kehee…sikuwa nimewai namba. Enda tu hapo ulizia yeye.

Ghaseer, alirudi, hata jana yote amekuwa tea room

kwani unaishi ukiscout malaya siku mzima?