Where is @Ka-Buda

This chap posts some gems full of wisdom. I have not seen him here in ages.

If you see Ka-Buda, tell him we miss him


Post COVID…a lol ot of dead bodies world over…I may be one…hehe … Hana bundles … Most villagers e-live under internet-pseudo lives…he is probably the new slay queen here…lol

Only at the Senate …

@Phoenix. You speak in tongues. It is hard to understand you

I read some of his previous work and I learned that he is a fellow diasporan. Diaspora is tough sometimes. Low pay, racism, long cold winters, loneliness, rat race, if you don’t have papers you have to constantly look over your shoulders because you can be deported anytime. Covid was tough due to lockdowns and other things. I hope he is well and thriving.

Hiyo nugu ilikuwa @sperminator ,he got kids everywhere with as many baby mommas as he could get.
He was always fighting with them and fed all.of them through truck driving job

Ngai!!! You sound a little pissed.!! I hope he did not “sperminate” your kunguru. [SIZE=1]The proper expression is “kutunga mimba”[/SIZE]

I have no kungurus abroad,what i meant to say is that @Ka-Buda is a male prostitute

Homosexual bado huja uliwa ukimwi.

Huyu sioni kama kuna variant ya ukedi inawesa malisa yeye.

Vile @kush yule mnono amesema hapo yinii …mimi ni carrier

Alijifanya elder sana akaenda sojourn into the desert that is the senate

Unfortunately the guy left us. I knew him and he asked for me to inform you talkers while avoiding making a big fuss about it.
He will always be the Trend Setter and will be fondly remembered for his wit and humour.

If KTalk was a nativity play, you would be the donkey.

Ako uhai ama alinyuria.

aliukata unfortunately. MHSRIP

21 Green emoji from fallen soldier. MHRIP.

Alikuambia lini na wewe ulijoin kijiji just the other day? So ulijoin August, akakushow September/October, akadedi November, then unatuambia December? And apparently you two were very close? Shenji

Kabudah alituacha. MHSRIP

Walikuwa wameoana na Mr Waweru?