Humbwer wewe unataka kuua mtoto

Weka Femidom mpangoni!

… Nishafika menopause.

Sigwes. That things looks weird.

Hii stroke II ndio gani?

Hapo vile @Young anadai

Didn’t you say you stopped taking Valium

Bomoa server na uje na hekaya very fast before dust settles.

:D:D:D:D:D ok, I admit this comment was in poor taste. I even got inboxed about it. Talk about touchy talkers.:rolleyes:

Are you insunuating that the above guys who claim to use it are mad?:p:p

absolutely yes

Was that ever in doubt?

And to think the drug was developed to treat/ manage/ prevent stomach ulcers! Induction of labor is what’s called ‘unlicensed use’.

Because of this misuse, some countries have deregistered it and taken it off the shelves. Unfortunately, abortion continues to be a big burden for our healthcare system.

Valium should be sold under prescription from a Doctor, please, be carefully on that

For a sec you had me confused