I was given valium at KNH plus other meds when I went there due to this https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/doctors-in-the-house-i-need-help.62424/#post-1333961
Am feeling bad and the only drug making me feel better is valium,. I have a prescription but no chemist is willing to sell me the drugs. I can go back to KNH bcoz I fear they may mistakenly operate on me, where do you drug addicts get the valium?? Thenkyu

They should sell it to you if you have a prescription. However, try not to be dependent on it so much, it will screw you up. I have a prescription too but I only use it once a year (and that is only if I really have to) or not at all. Last year nilijikaza na mwaka ukaisha bila kuitumia.

Valium isn’t that hard to buy OTC even without prescription. Quit going to the big chemists in town and try the small ones in the estates.
Those one will sell it to you without too many questions.

Do you REALLY NEED the Valium?

Tafuta bangi wachana na valium. If u get addicted to that shit utaunza kitanda unalalia.

What is Valium?
Asking for mzee mjinga.

dawa ya Wenda wazimu ,kama ile @Chief hutumia

Wachana na valium kijana. Was addicted to to valium hadi ikanifanya niland police station na kesi ya stroke II. Luckily OCS alichukua bribe. Btw nilichapwa mob justice kiasi kabla makarao wanishike

#Dark days

Leta hekaya


Kiasi ni how much?

I did not bleed, though kuna nugu ilinikula mbao ya goti nikatii. Mob lynching is something you would never want to experience

#I was on expulsion from school, mtaani na niko form 3 saa hiyo

Kaa chini utupatie hii hekaya, inakaa kuwa moto sana from the short snippets shared.

Hekaya nitaleta some day @4makind

A prescription for narcotics/ psychotropics is NOT refillable. You MUST obtain a new prescription every time.

Lakini doc @Luther12 si tunaweza ongea biz wise?

Hehehe…as long as no laws are broken or illegalities committed.

Sawa mukubwa, wacha nikutafute nikiwa sober:D

Na uko na cytotec? ;);):wink:

:eek::eek: Nefer efer! :D:D Huku it’s strictly an inpatient drug.

I was shocked to learn it’s one drug that sells like hot cake in Nairobi.

Then someone i know used it and she was back to work the very next day as if nothing happened. It made me wonder just how many ladies undertake DIY abortions.