Where did you study and what's your job now?

I am a full-time English language teacher, completed my masters in Economics and Finance and currently persuing certificate courses in management accounting. (Yeah, I did not destine for any of thesr, but I am extremely happy with what I am doing to my life!)
What about you?

education in Kenya is overated

I am a space cadet… Alumni of Jaba School of Professions.

What about me? I’m reading your meffi post and wondering what the point is

Hustler college now a full time hustler in the hustling country

Rubbish post



Niaje, Gashwin. Happy new year

Studied at London School of Economics. I work at Ktalk(as a volunteer)as an expert on anything and everything we discuss here.

nairobi aviation… sasa niko NASA

I am a family friend of Bingwa Scrotum

As a friend we share the glory of the fastest VE ever made …highest IQd talker …Great Banisher of Toyota and Universities on Thika Road …Foremost arab

Form 3 drop out bt am very successful. I am a Chief Chunisha Granny Sukuma Engineer, Part time Chief Street chokosh Berndora suburbs and during my free time i wash tanyes za manyanye. I earn alot

Studied in the great U.S. of A. masomo mingi ya kibiashara, yaaani, theories of management. Masters ni za IT and business Psych.

I practice as a principal broker of all things great and small.

Alumni of kibabii and kaimosi universities of bullfighting

Mi nilisomea Havard Business School[ATTACH=full]219324[/ATTACH]

English teacher indeed

Business studies pale KIMS. current job, Whatsapp Group Admin.

:D:D savages all over…

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Nilisomea class ya jinni wa Alladin

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Hii masomo ni mob man. Has your earnings increased in the same proportion with each level of education? Just curious