Where did the Various Human Races come from?

There are various races on Planet Earth each with different physical characteristics. Africans with black skin, Chinese and Japanese with distinct facial features, white people, Aborigines, and people from the middle - east.
My question is how did these human races come to be.

Wewe Mwana jikune ulale ama kama wewe sio maskini kama sisi ununue data uingie pare ngogo uulizie hio swali arafu ulete summary hapa upesi. Pia sisi tunataka kujua.

Soma evolution, genetics and geology



Umesahau native americans…

Tafuta book za Cheikh Anta Diop. You will get to meet akina Grimaldi Man

According to Christianity… Black people came from the curse of ham… And they were cursed to be slaves …(Its said this racist idea was added to the bible later on , by the bible editors)




Same reasons we have kangaroos and giraffes on opposite ends