Where Did The Revolution Talk Disappear to?

The whole of last year Kenya was on a Revolution footing. From Mama Mboga to UoN students, kwani ilifanyika aje. Wakenya ni watu wa nyege baridi tu. Will never have the nuts to stand up against oppressive Mama Ngina and her drunkard son.
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Uliza @maizeroaster

Niaje msee wa Dip…Anza hiyo revolution and we will join u.

Walikaza kiongozi wa The Revolution Le General to come back.

We are busy popularising the BBI. We shall revisit the revolution agenda after the referendum.

BBI is the revolution.

tunang’ang’ania mtu wetu apate kiti 2022 na tuko busy na BBI meetings…2023 tuanze kuimba revolution na wajinga sisi and the cycle continues.

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most people know that the government will never lift you out of poverty. Ni bidii yako na bidii yako pekee yaweza.
yoi May shout all you want but when you go home sit down and call yourself to a small meeting, you strategise on how you will pull yourself out. Making noise won’t even boil you a cup of tea.
Some years back I was struggling, really struggling, always walked around during the day asking myself why no one was helping me as I wanted to be helped. My siblings and parents weren’t struggling and that made me feel unloved. Kumbe by not helping they were helping. When I got home I would strategise on what to do the next day. It worked
if you check, most people don’t even pay taxes yet they shout for handouts,