Where did the London black cab go to?

In the 90s and early 2000’s these cabs were quite common in nairobbery images-34.jpegimages-33.jpeg
Saa hii ningekuwa na finger kunguru kwa back seat after nimetoka blue martini ya hiyo old school V6 jalopy

Ziko London

Na sijawahi jua ni v6, halafu ni which brand? They look nice

They were just a clever scheme by Moi’s power brokers to syphon taxpayers funds.

Brand ilikuwa tofauti ungwpata Austin, citreon ata geely ya china

Hizo mpya ziko LDN kwa @Finest wine . Ziko chonjo kabisa. Lakini ni electric sasahttps://www.topgear.com/sites/default/files/2022/04/1%20LEVC%20TX%205000th.jpg

For some reasons, they didn’t appeal to Kenya clientele. Kenya with their peculiar tastes.

Ketan Somaia!

Can anyone here guess why the cabs had a “domed” shape?

Leta uhondo.

Chris Kirubi

It makes it easier to get inside.

Kamlesh pattni

Second hand shit imported by that sad excuse of a president called Moi. Lawd sometimes I hate myself as an African. It’s like sometimes we can steal from our left side pockets and slide the money to our right side pockets just to get the feeling that we have “stolen”. We are addicted to theft.


That is how the scandal was run.My uncle operated one along Koinange street

But tulihamia kwa Bolt and Uber…the Black Cabs Association is in a legal battle with Uber…last I checked?? Sad to see the Taxi drivers’ struggle but digitalisation comes at a cost, a heavy cost for some professions/trades.
Nowadays I don’t need to go to my Dr’s to be seen. I log into DrIQ…describe my symptoms and upload piks if need…naye anatuma madawa kwa chemist…niendee huko.

Wajameni…please please pay attention to the careers your kids are choosing and keep nurturing their inborn talents. Dunia imesonga sana. [SIZE=1]I digressed.[/SIZE]

London black cab = london look…hivyo ndio si tulikuwa tunaziita.

Nilikuwa naziangalia nashangaa kwani form ni gani…kumbe ilikuwa gu ghula.

We have a cabal that is just stealing for the sake of stealing. Msee ameiba since enzi za Moi na bado anaiba tuu. Hata in a century, his future generations are adequately provided for but the impulse to steal bado iko tuu.