Where did the flat earthers go to?

Looks like They fell off the edges

They were swept by the new UI tsunami :D:D

You ask alot of questions. Is wakanda your home?

Wee najua yako ni Wank-anda

Kuniafu unaitwa hapa, senzz!!

I’m just from watching that movie hapa garden city, it was nice, Lupita was great, and my favourite character was the Killmonger. How do you just go into a country, beat the king to a pulp, and assume leadership hehe, and then expect the army and everybody to follow you! The true king must rise and take his rightful position on the throne. True kings are those accepted by the people. Wakanda Forever!


Let me join in the bandwagon.[ATTACH=full]161309[/ATTACH]

Which side

Maliza kusoma post VC


They are on a trip around the globe

Nimekuwa @uwesmake unaniitaita? Ngombe! And yes, earth is still flat.

Uwes ni msitoh, wewe ni kuniafu, and yes, flat earthers are slowly coming to terms with reality…

Which reality? Neverland ama oz?

Watch out for Elon’s next project, The Big Fucking Rocket… Raundi hii Flat earthers mtatii

Lol rocket yakubeba waru moon ama? Biz mara dhat dhat

Hio ya Waru naisikia na flat earthers…