Where did our ancestors go; heaven or hell?

Our ancestors who existed before mzungu brought us Jesus, did they go to heaven or straight to hell? They didn’t know Jesus and I do recall somewhere in the Bible it says you cannot go to the Father without accepting Jesus.

So if our ancestors went straight to hell, why did they deserve this? If they went straight to heaven, why do I need to know Jesus to go to heaven? Why can’t I get a free-pass like my African ancestors? Ni hayo tu, asandeni sana.

@Acoustic where are you my friend

Neither heaven nor hell. They ceased to exist. If they went to heaven, then it must be a pretty crowded place with homo-erectus, zinjathropus and every other creature that we as humans were before these species

Salvage :D:D:D it’s the soul that goes to wherever. Zinjas like @uwesmake have souls too

What if it emerged heaven had enough space to fit everyone? From homo-erectus to modern day man?

Religion is a complicated issue…u follow the religion of where are born…if you are born in China ungekuwa saa hii unasema vile Bhudda ndio the one…once you die…you are dead.

The Jesus business is whitemans witchcraft. Stick to your own.

Basi it must be pretyy “lit” :smiley:

But thats not the point. For example, if the dinosaurs warent wiped out by an asteroid 65 million years ago, most likely the sentient species on this earth would have been some reptile. So are T-Rex also in heaven as a possible ancestor of a sentient reptile species?

Hell, even microbes must be there too cause thats where we started our evolutionary journey…

The most vicious microbes must have gone to hell :smiley:

I agree and I wish your post could also have read, “If you were born in Africa ungekuwa saa hii unasema vile XYZ ndio the one…” unfortunately mzungu saw to it permanently that we will never have our own religion…or our own anything good for that matter.

You are operating under the assumption evolution actually is a thing. Watu wa Cristiano believe no such thing as evolution. Everything was created by God. Inaonekana wewe ni mtu wa Messi :smiley:

Bro, evolution is a proven fact. But sawa. I guess our different beliefs mean we wont get anywhere with this back-n-forth.

Sawa… lets assume God created everything and lets argue within the confines that religion is a fact. But the question then arises… which God? Every society on earth has a religious belief system. So who is right?

Thats why I say religion is man made. I mean surely, wouldnt the christian God have found some way of bringing us as Africans His religion? And not just us, what about the Indians, Chinese etc?

religion is man made…god is spiritual and africans knew this , they didn’t have to be led by a human being god or need to pray to a human being prophet in order to reach their god…they were smarter than that

Actually, am an aethist. I only asked the question because I wanted our Christian brothers and sisters to tell us what happened to our ancestors. Personally, I believe African Christians are traitors to the great African race.

The dead are just dead even the bible teaches that

So…no heaven or hell? If that’s the case, why does a person need to live in a “godly way”? It’s all irrelevant, isn’t it?

Are you talking about heaven and hell or dead people.

Aren’t they the same thing? Dead people end up in either heaven or hell…at least according to Xtians.

I won’t argue what Christians say but the Bible teaches that the dead goes to Sheol (Hebrew for grave)

In the days of ignorance(when people didn’t know about the faith) God overlooked…

Acts 17:30, words in brackets mine

Hehe. I assume African religions are included in “the time of ignorance.” Too bad God did not care about Africans enough to send an African messiah.