Where did it all go wrong for millennials?

Nimetoka pale IG stories kucheki wamama mid 30s yapping about how her their clothes are “sustainable” mara feminism challenge mara black lives matter - yaani virtue signalling tupu. I’m sure some of you have seen those gender pronouns they use on their Twitter bios ati she/her meffi tupu. Now that Gen Z are coming online is it safe to say kwamba millennials are the biggest failed generation? Why did they give up their individual integrity for the sake of collectivism and who is to blame?

Baby boomers, there’s your answer

Ungewekelea forexample ndio nielewe,lakini mimi ni millenial na sijafail…oooops ama unamaanisha wa mama,labda uulize @BBIsiMuhimu ako na umama saidi…ooops but he is a baby boomer…so weka foexample ndio ieleweke

mtakufa na dunia haitasimama

Thread ifungwe

I dont mean to sound rude but there was this girl who had cancer and she got her leg amputated, so she has this IG account and was uploading vids of her dancing with a now artificial leg, she is 17 or something, not sure… That got me thinking…

Is she proud that she beat cancer?
Why Dance? Very poorly, no offense…
Why make is public?
Why only IG? I mean if she needs to sell her story…
Does her parent allow this?
Does she seek for pity?
No paybill in her IG account…

So i was wondering, is this all for likes ama?

We are broke, jobless we not getting laid enough, even in the next years election we won’t have many of our own we will be fighting for the wazee to screw us some more, by the time they are done genz will be ready to take over, we will grow old broke bitter complaining, UNLESS

Sustainability is what everyone in this planet should be thinking.

nyi wazee akina @FieldMarshal CouchP mkule pension bila kusumbua vijana.

Early man @FieldMarshal CouchP pokea salamu Dirty Tiddies Master.

Life is meant to be lived and not regretted

This is where we will make our stand against that nonsense, thanks to anonymity hapa ni sweeps tu ukileta upuss hapa.

Like that she interpretes as Acceptance, it is good for her psych. Somethings do get non monetary rewards, for example talking to people about your struggles and pain offloads your burden and share with others. Why do think you feel dry after listening to someones sad story…it is because they have offloaded part of their pain on you. Probably why some people worship others like god

Clout chasing and seeking validation.

Like these mediums have made damsels reveal their true selves kabisa from getting butt naked for likes to always dancing and trying to seduce men online.

If you you check, girls and women always start dancing on clips then get on their best position and dance move of shaking their behinds on screen. Tik Tok inaitwa Tik Thot!