Where can one download HD matches?

Earlier this year nlianza kuwa serious na YT,

I will be doing sports highlights but with a style (short memes).

Nikiwatch other long highlights mi hushindwa kule hao majamaa hupata those almost 8k videos
bila watermarks.

Mostly I rely on “kuibia” hao majamaa, downloading the original highlights from UEFA yt
or screen recording live matches, which gives me a potato quality juu ya net.

I really want to grow my channel and have that top quality highlights.

Any advise is highly appreciated.

Here is my recent 4th highlight

This is the long extended highlight from UEFA

Maybe rip the match while streaming.
Try out this extension or it’s alternatives Stream Recorder - download HLS as MP4 - Chrome Web Store

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Unaedit na app gani?

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Thank you sir.

Wacha ntaicheki nione quality.

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Najifunza Davinci Resolve.